Damodara's Artists

*This is a short list of the main artists and contributors of damodara.de. We thanks to all of our friends who in one way or another helped to create this site. Thanks to all of you, God bless you!*

Srila Paramadvaiti Maharaja is our acarya, and founder, of Damodara.de. Thanks a lot for his love and creativity to serve the children of the world.
Srila Atulananda Acarya from Chile, he has write books and compose music for children which we present here .
Radha Madan Gopal devi dasi from Holand is painter, and she has draw and traslator for our website. Thanks for her contribution.
Gangamata devi dasi from Russia, is other exelent artist. She has drwa the history of Jagannath and many other illustrations.
Ananda Shanti das from Germany help us with technical suport. He is a graphic and web designer. He also produce spiritual music. Thanks for your help.
Kalki Avatar das from the United States, is helping us with tecnical support as well as with histories and drawings.
Padmavati devi dasi from Hungary is a famous painter of spiritual books. She is the artist of Sudama Brahamna, the Missing Gopas ans many other histories. She is an artist dedicated to present the teachings of Krishna to children.
Mahamrita devi dasi from Chile, is an excelent artist who since years is producing spiritual books for children. Thank you very much for your help.
Angira Muni das from Colombia is the web master of damodara.de.