Well first of all thanks for visiting us and giving us the opportunity to share with you this site. We are a group of children living in different parts of the world who believes that God is the goal of life. Love of God and loving everyone is all we need. (Look at our compassionate corner!) And through this web site of damodara.de we want to present the histories of Krishna and his servants which are a fountain of teachings of love, fraternity, forgiveness, and sweetness, for all times.

Krishna is God himself. Our Supreme Father.
God, unlimited as He is, has unlimited names, and Krishna is one of his thousand names, like Jehova, Allah, Rama, Gopal, Govinda, etc. But this name of Krishna is a very particular one. According to the teachings of the ancient scriptures of India, Krishna means the one who due to his enchanting beauty, divine form, activities and creation, attracts the whole universe. (Here is a list of some of His names…)

He comes personally to this world in different times, forms and places when ever there is need to protect His dear most and to establish the principles of universal love.

When Krishna was a small boy He was living in Vraja, in the north of Bharat Bhumi -now a days India- where He spent 16 years of His life. Vraja is a land of cow herders. They protect and serve the cows, and their only wealth is milk, butter and yogurt. Those who live there are called Vrajavasis or inhabitants of Vraja. Vraja has 12 forests, and Vrindavan is one of Krishna’s most dear forests.

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Because in Vraja God is not God anymore. God has two aspects. One is His majestic side, His kingship, and the other His extreme sweetness. As King, He is worshipped and served with great opulence, reverence and respect . But in Vraja, due to the love of his devotees he forgets himself and adopts the position of a simple village boy. For example the president or king of one nation, may be respected and venerated by all as the king of the nation. But as soon as he is at home, his own father, wife or son will not hold a relation of respect, but of love for him. At home he is not king anymore. In the same way in Vraja, God is not God anymore. Love is the center of all.
There are many reasons why Krishna is blue, but one of them is because the blue colour represents the unlimited sky, just as He is, unlimited in all respect. Unlimited love, beauty, sweetness, tenderness, wisdom, knowledge, humbleness, braveness, intelligence, power, devotion, strength, love, love, love....
Although God loves one and all, there is one who steals away His mind. One who loves Him the most. The personification of love. That is Radha, who is also a cowherd girl or Gopi. She is the treasure of His heart, which is like molten gold. And hence her Golden hue.....
Here is Krishna’s family tree.... (coming soon)