universal love

1. Universal Love teaches us that we are not the material body, but immortal souls. Death is a door which we have to go through in our spiritual evolution. The soul does not die.

2. Universal Love promotes vegetarianism. The human being does not need animal flesh to survive. The slaughter of animal is an unnecessary suffering we do against millions of animals around the world.

3. Universal Love is a spiritual revolution against all kinds of materialism, and exploitation, like slavery, racism, and all kinds of disrrespect and abuse, specially done to children and women.

4. Universal Love is against all kind of murder like abortion. Sex should be handled with respect and should not give suffering to others.

5. Universal Love teach us that for every action we commit there is a reaction - karma. If we would apply this simple principle to our lifes, or goverments, it will lead us to a healthy and responsible use of our free will.

6. Universal Love declares that proper education for our children (yoga) based on a true understanding about life and spirituality is one of the primary needs in our society.

7. Universal Love teach us that the wise use of our freedom is the mystical purport behind our existence and the chance of real peace on earth.

8. Universal Love is about responsibility. When you love others you sacrifice your self for them. That is the real magic of love.

9. Universal Love is against all kinds of intoxications or drugs. Addiction destroys ones capacity to love.

10. Universal Love is about giving and sharing. Real success is to give.

11. Universal Love is about compasion and generosity, especially for those in need or suffering.

12. Universal Love is against all kinds of arrogance. That is the root to self destruction.

13. Universal Love does not consider the difference between bodies, races, countries, etc.

14. Universal Love teach us is that above all relative consideration in ones life, like family, nationality, etc, love to God and His creation should be the inner core of our existence.

15. Universal Love promotes all activities which elevate the consciousness of ourselves, our family, and all society and reject all those activities which deteriorate it like gambling games.

16. Universal Love includes love for Mother Earth.

17. Universal Love is the love for all living entities too.

18. Universal Love consider and search for the real benefit, spiritual benefit of all.

19. Universal Love's goal is to be a more loving, sincere, merciful, generous and grateful person .

20. Universal Love is the real spirit of the United Nations.

21. Universal Love respects and loves all of God's creation.

22. Universal Love exists in the names of God.

23. If God is the center of your love, you will attain the real fruit of love.

24. Universal Love is a call to our real home, back to home, back to Godhead. We do not belong to this world.

Let us love, not in word and speech, but in action and truth. Love one and all. Universal Love is what this world really needs.